BEST DENTAL MARKETING Agency was started at a kitchen table in Floridas as a small, one-woman marketing consulting group. Two years later, it got wings when Michael joined the team, and a full-service dental marketing agency was born. Since then, BEST DENTAL MARKETING Agency has been dedicated to providing data-driven results and personalized design in a marketing landscape that is all too often cookie cutter or old school. We’ve come a long way since the kitchen table, with an 8,000 square foot office in FLORIDA that serves clients all across the country.


Nestled in Florida , our office has all the startup cliches, from exposed ductwork and reclaimed wood walls, to a ping-pong table and a beer fridge. A far cry from cubicle farms, our space is open and inviting. We want our team to be happy to come to work, so we’ve designed a beautiful space that maximizes creativity and comfort. But that’s not what makes our office so cool. Our office is always buzzing with creative ideas and a culture where we challenge each other to be the best.



Our office is steps away from the thriving bars, restaurants, and coffee shops . Our team loves to walk to the Public Market to try one of the many lunchtime vendors. After work, it’s not uncommon to find us playing pool at our favorite bar.


We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun together. From weekly happy hours to quarterly themed socials – like our Back-to-Camp Bash, Fourth of July Cookout, and our Halloween Costume Party – we’ve always got a plate heaping with fun things to do.


In addition to offering our employee’s health insurance, And we don’t stop there. From Walk Club and team hikes, to pick-up ultimate frisbee and golf outings, we want ensure we’re healthy, active and outside.


We are blessed to have a thriving team, and that means we have a great opportunity to give back. We continuously donate our time to support causes l participate in opportunities to support under-privileged kids, like holiday gift-giving. Being active in our community gives us a chance to do some feel-good work for people who really need it.


What’s amazing about our team is that they never seem to want to stop learning about their craft, or expanding other skills. It’s not uncommon to find a copywriter in a design meeting, or for a web team member to transition to account management. We support growth, diverse interests, and we always push ourselves to be at the top of our game. That’s why we host in-office lunch-and-learns and attend local meet-ups on the marketing niches that interest us the most.